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The brand

A story of family, heart and creativity .

A decade ago, Colombe dove into the world of men's fashion with passion and determination. However, over the years, the latent desire to create her own stylistic universe has never left her.

Inspiration struck Colombe during simple and precious moments, while she took pleasure in mixing her accessories with those of her two little daughters and her husband. It was in these moments of family harmony that the idea of ​​a wardrobe of accessories shared between generations took shape.

Thus was born the Maison Lecomte Flament brand, a fusion of Colombe's love for fashion, her unique vision of style and her desire to create accessories that transcend generations. For her, the very essence of fashion lies in the possibility of sharing and celebrating together

The philosophy that guides Colombe in this adventure is simple but powerful: the audacity of joy and cool, without unnecessary complications. Maison Lecomte Flament offers a range of cheerful and colorful accessories designed for all members of the family, embodying conviviality and shared pleasure.

With a subtle blend of experience in menswear, knowing family moments and a bold vision, Colombe brings to life a brand that transcends fleeting trends. Maison Lecomte Flament is much more than a fashion brand, it is an invitation to experience fashion with lightness and to create timeless style memories with the family.

Natural material, a soft and authentic embrace for your style: At Maison Lecomte Flament, we believe in the timelessness of natural materials. That's why all our scarves are made with absolute dedication to quality, using exclusively pure fibers, whether wool or 100% cotton.

Wool, a symbol of warmth and comfort, is meticulously selected for each scarf in our collection. Its luxurious texture, delicate touch and insulating properties make it an ideal companion for all seasons. Each wool scarf is the result of artisanal know-how, guaranteeing exceptional quality that stands the test of time.

Cotton, light and breathable, is also featured in our creations. Its versatility makes it a perfect material for elegant everyday scarves. We carefully select premium cottons, ensuring incomparable softness and durability that lasts even after numerous washes.

Natural materials are an integral part of our vision of fashion at Maison Lecomte Flament. By choosing our scarves, you are not only opting for elegance, but also for an environmentally friendly approach. Natural, renewable and biodegradable fibers reflect our commitment to sustainable and ethical fashion.

Immerse yourself in the sensory experience of our wool or cotton scarves, and discover the perfect fusion of nature and style. Maison Lecomte Flament, where quality becomes second nature.

At Maison Lecomte Flament, quality comes first. Our scarves are not just accessories, they are exceptional pieces, created with passion and dedication. Each scarf is the result of a meticulous process, made in small series, thus giving each piece uniqueness and special attention.

We are proud of our long-standing relationship with trusted partners, artisans whose exceptional know-how contributes to the excellence of our products. These lasting partnerships are not simply collaborations, but relationships built over time, based on mutual trust and respect for the highest quality standards.

The manufacturing of our scarves extends to two emblematic destinations for textile craftsmanship: Italy and India.

Our cotton and wool scarves come to life in quality workshops in India, where the art of weaving has been celebrated for centuries. The vibrant colors and unique patterns of our scarves are the result of a harmonious marriage of tradition and modernity, creating pieces that tell a story through each thread.

Thus, each Maison Lecomte Flament scarf is not simply an accessory, but a piece crafted by expert hands, imbued with the cultural heritage and exceptional craftsmanship of two countries. By choosing our scarves, you are investing in undeniable quality and artisan ethics, ensuring a luxurious experience and unrivaled style. Welcome to the world of authentic elegance.

At Maison Lecomte Flament, remaining attentive to your needs and remaining close to you is not simply a promise, it is the quintessence of our commitment as a company on a human scale. We firmly believe in the idea that authenticity, proximity and personalized attention are key elements of our relationship with you, our valued customers.

Our human-sized structure allows us to build special links with each of you. We are not just a scarf brand, we are a passionate community where every member counts. This means that when you speak, we listen attentively. Your feedback, your suggestions and even your dreams directly inspire our creative process.

The proximity we maintain with our customers is our most valuable asset. You are not just another consumer, but a unique person with unique needs. Our dedicated team is here to support you, answer your questions, share styling tips or simply chat about your experiences with our products.

By choosing Maison Lecomte Flament, you become an integral part of our history. We believe that direct exchange, transparency and conviviality are the foundations of a relationship of trust. So, with every scarf you choose, you are not only investing in a quality accessory, but you are also part of a family where your voice matters.

The human scale of our company allows us to remain flexible, responsive and focused on the essential: to satisfy you fully. Thank you for being part of our adventure, and rest assured that Maison Lecomte Flament will continue to grow with you, while preserving this proximity so dear to us. 🌟